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    Nori Jacoby

Nori Jacoby is active both as a composer and as a violist, specializing in world music and electronic-acoustic classical music. His compositions have been featured at festivals around the world, including the Sounds of Israel Festival at the Hamburg Elbphilharmonie, Lviv Klezfest, Singapore Art Festival, Chicago World Music Festival, Melbourne Festival, Krakow Dance Festival and the Israel Festival. Nori also has a special interest in experimental theater, and was featured in a multimedia project “Kings of Misery” at the Jerusalem Spoken Word Festival, where he combined his interests in neuroscience and contemporary music in portraying different characters based on the writings of Oliver Sacks. In 2009, Nori released a CD with his band Tafillalt on John Zorn's Radical Jewish Culture Label, Tzadik. Tafillalt have performed throughout Israel,the USA, Germany, United Kingdom, Hungary, and Ukraine.

Learn about Jerusalem Dream, Nori's collaboration with overtone singer Wolfgang Saus.

Watch a short clip about Nori's band, Tafillalt.

Watch Nori's collaboration with Victoria Hanna and Tamir Muskat in 22 Letters, a Kabbalistic rap.

Watch Nori's collaboration with Andre Hajdu in their NeurOpera, a musical dramatization of case studies by Oliver Sacks.



Selected Compositions


NeurOpera, A Dramatization of Case Studies By Oliver Sacks
with Andre Hajdu
For 2 actors, wind quintet, pianist, and live electronics.
Premiered at the 2009 Jerusalem Spoken Word Festival, Israel.



For 2 violas and 2 computers.
Premiered at the 2008 Sound of Word Festival, Jerusalem, Israel.


An die Musik
For string quartet.
Premiered at the 2007 Israel Music Festival in Jerusalem, Israel.


Jerusalem Dream
For Mongolian throat singer, overtone singer, Middle-Eastern singer, string quartet, oud and men's chorus.
Premiered at the 2006 Singapore Art Festival.


Dream of the Night
A mini-opera for three flutes, quanun, string quartet, men's chorus and soprano.
Premiered at Haifa University, 2006.


Symphonic Concerto
For symphony orchestra.
Premiered at the "Sounds From The Desert" Festival in Sde Boker,Israel.


For harpsichord, piano, string quintet, clarinet, bassoon and singer.
Premiered at the Mishkenot-Sha'ananim Center in Jerusalem 2002, also broadcast live on radio.


For string quintet, clarinet, percussion and guitar.
Premiered at the Mishkenot-Sha'ananim Center in Jerusalem 2002, also broadcast live on radio.


Music for a mini ballet by choreographer Nima Jacoby.
Featured at the 1999 Jewish Culture Festival in London, the 2000 DuOman Festival in Israel, and the 2001 World Dance Festival in Krakow.


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Taffilalt (Tzadik, 2009)

Kolmus HaNefesh (JMC, 2009)

Live at the T.A. Museum (Kadima, 2006)

Scenes from an Ideal Marriage (Kadima, 2010)


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J. C. Jones with Friends: Duos II
(Kadima, 2005)

One Afternoon (Kadima, 2010)

Jerusalem Dream (2006)

J. C. Jones: ReComp (2008)



"Jacoby sounds for all the world like Gidon Kremer doing Berg."

Jason Bivens, Cadence Magazine, 2011

"Adventurous arrangements breaking new ground in Jewish Music."

John Zorn, Tzadik, 2009

"Jacoby manages to weave all these elements into a complex and moving composition that successfully blends seemingly alien components into a single, cohesive musical construct... Outstanding."

Eyal HaReuveni, All About Jazz, 2006

"Navigates the multi-cultural sound spectrum of modern 21st-century Israel and presents a unique interpretation of various traditional and modern Jewish materials."

Lloyd Masel, Yedioth Acharonot Newspaper, 2009


I was on the faculty at Bar Ilan University in Israel from 2009-2014 as director of the Music and Technology program, where I taught the following courses: Audio Synthesis, Advanced Studio Recording, Live Electronics Workshop, Arduino Workshop, Max and MIDI Applications, Sound Engineering and Audio Applications, a Music Cognition Workshop. I also co-taught a class on Music Cognition and Mathematics together with Eytan Agmon.
Hebrew speakers can read a feature on my work with the BIU Music Tech Program in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz.


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